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Remarque Print Workshop

Milk Carton Etching

Milk Carton Etching

April 27, 2024

10am – 5pm (with lunch break)

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Wait! Don't toss that milk carton. Bring it to class for a fun, surprisingly sophisticated printmaking technique known as Milk Carton Drypoint. This technique is so affordable and low tech, great for classrooms or those who have wanted to try drypoint etching without breaking the budget.

Drypoint itself is an acid-free, non-toxic intaglio technique, in which an image is incised into a plate (or matrix) using a sharp or hard-tipped tool. The plate is inked up like a traditional etching plate, and printed on a printing press, resulting in a beautiful, rich, image with lush plate tone and bold lines. Milk carton drypoint is special because the plate isn't metal or PVC, it's literally pieces cut from milk or juice cartonboard! These pieces can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes, and the carton itself produces a lush plate tone. In this course, you'll learn lots of tips and tricks for creating and printing your etchings and also have time to experiment and play with layering images and even adding some chin collé elements. The plates can be used to create stand alone prints, or be used in conjustion with other types of printmaking. A great technique to have in your printmaking repertoire. No experience neccessary.

Day: April 27, 2024

Time: 10am – 5pm (with lunch break)

Class fee:  $130 + tax, all paper and materials will be supplied

Instructor: Jessica Krichels

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