• Transient

    Soulaf Abas

    April 12th to May 25th

    For many years, Soulaf created works about the experiences of war, loss, and sadness in her home country of Syria.What she saw on the news transformed her home into a collection of images about destruction, grief, and darkness. But all along, she was missing the beauty of her home, and after being faithful to the reality of war for so long, she felt a shift that altered the way she sees and thinks of home, and the places that remind her of home. She was finally ready to create works about beauty, memories of places that shaped her, translations of fleeting moments of peace and belonging.

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  • Under the Mountain

    Dan Noyes

    April 12th to May 25th

    "The birds have vanished into the sky,

    and now the last cloud drains away.

    We sit together, the mountain and me,

    until only the mountain remains" -- Li Po

    This short poem by an ancient Chinese poet sums up my own attraction to the mountains. I have been fortunate enough to have lived under mountains all my life,with rivers at the base of the mountains and blue sky above it all. These ingredients show up in my prints. They reflect my encounters with mountains and the miraculous patterns in nature and in life itself. These prints feature shrines, semblances of birds and other creatures, and the color blue - the great color of sky and water.

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