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Mary Sundstrom

Explorations in Monotype & Monoprint (August 24-25)

Explorations in Monotype & Monoprint (August 24-25)

Mary Sundstrom

August 24-25

10am-5pm (with a lunch break)

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What is a monotype? What is a monoprint? Come find out in this fun class that will explore the fun and challenging places where these two distinct media intersect, overlap, and diverge.

We will cover the full range of monotype techniques – additive and subtractive processes. We will then use a variety of matrices – drypoint, stencils and more to create monoprints. 

Monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints made by applying and removing inks with a paintbrush or a roller onto a plexiglass plate and then printing the image onto paper. Additional layers can be created by applying another element to the plate and passing it through the press one or more times, resulting in rich, layered, complex prints. Inks can be wiped and scratched off, dotted on, applied or blocked with stencils and much more. 
By the end of the course you develop a facility for using both Akua inks and water-based materials in the same print and understand the benefits of each. 
We invite the experienced and the inexperienced to join us in this creative, wild journey into the nearly infinite possibilities of monotypes and monoprints… Fun and exploration encouraged! 

Class Date: August 24-25
Time: 10am-5pm (with a lunch break)
Instructor: Mary Sundstrom

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