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Katerina Hazell

Intro to Letterpress: Typesetting (April 6)

Intro to Letterpress: Typesetting (April 6)

Katerina Hazell

Saturday April 6, 2024

12:00 - 4:00

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In this introduction to letterpress printing, students will print an edition of 15 custom stationery cards on Remarque’s C&P platen press. In this special small class, everyone will set and print their own type and learn to set up and run the press.

Each student will be provided with pre-cut paper and envelopes for their stationery cards . We will start with the press already set up and ready to print a solid block of color from a linoleum block. Students will be introduced to the press and take turns using the press to print on one side of their cards, which will be laid out on the rack to dry.

• We will talk about metal type, and students will set type from two predetermined drawers. Students will set and center one line of type (a name or short phrase).

• Instructor will demonstrate how to put type in a chase, providing a map for which furniture students should use.

• Students will take turns locking up their type, moving the chase to the press, and printing their text.

• When finished printing, students will have the opportunity to trim the bleed from their cards.

Class Date: Saturday April 6, 12:00 - 4:00 PM

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