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Johanna Mueller

Relief Engraving with Johanna Mueller (August 31 - September 2)

Relief Engraving with Johanna Mueller (August 31 - September 2)

Johanna Mueller

August 31 - September 2, 2024

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Relief Engraving is much like detailed wood engraving, but in this workshop we will use innovative plastic plates as our material. Learn carving techniques with engraving tools that focus on mark making, line, pattern and value, as well as printing techniques specific to the plastic plate.

Relief engraving provides incredible opportunity for detail. Focusing on tool usage and carving motor skills, we spend ample time learning what marks each tool makes, and how to employ line, pattern and value. Participants will have ample time to work on planning an image, executing their engraving, and when ready will learn inking and printing best practices for use with plastic plates. Experimental printing with shaped blocks, chine collé or double sided blocks is encouraged!

Time: 10 am- 5 pm with lunch break.

Cost: $390 plus tax, materials included

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