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Pam Wesolek

Wanna Rock? Intro to Mezzotint! (June 8 - 9)

Wanna Rock? Intro to Mezzotint! (June 8 - 9)

Pamela Wesolek

June 8 - 9

10am - 5pm

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In this unique intaglio technique- which is also called manière noire, or the black method- the plate is worked in reverse; from dark tones to light. The surface is first roughened with a mezzotint rocker so that, if inked, it would print a rich, solid black. The image is then burnished into the black matrix producing a theatrical spot-lit effect. This unique quality of the mezzotint produces the most subtle nuances of tone and value from rich, velvety blacks to glowing highlights.

In this class you will start by rocking a small plate- the key to the mezzotint process- and then learn to coax your image from your darks. Once the plate is rocked, the image is easily lifted from the dark matrix, producing your image.

This class will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to use the mezzotint process for larger works, or in conjunction with other techniques in your printmaking.! All levels of printmakers welcome. No experience necessary.

Tidbit: The term “off the rocker” derives from this process; often children were employed to rock plates and the mindless, repetitive process drove some of them crazy. 

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